Adventure Tourism Uganda

Adventure Tourism Uganda is a project wherein Dutch-Ugandan companies join hands to develop new products for the Ugandan adventure and cultural tourism sector.

About the Project

Spectacular landscapes, a great variety of cultures and the most welcoming people: Uganda has so much to offer to tourists. But the potential of the adventure and cultural tourism sector remains largely untapped. In close collaboration with the Dutch government, a group of Dutch-Ugandan companies join hands to boost the adventure and cultural tourism sector. The goal is to develop new activities in the field of cycling, motorcycling, running, hiking and cultural tourism as well as to improve the skills of professionals working in the sector.

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Motorcycle Tourism

Motorcycling is a great way to reach even the most remote hidden gems.

Cycling Tourism

Adventurous & healthy:
Cycling is a great way to experience Uganda.

Running Tourism

High altitudes & spectacular views: Mt. Elgon is becoming a runner’s paradise

Hiking Tourism

Forget Kilimanjaro: Uganda’s mountains offer high quality adventures for not so high prices

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Cultural Tourism

Great diversity in cultures, similarities in friendliness.

Tour Guiding

Tourists deserve the best guides. Uganda has plenty to offer.

Advanced Hospitality Training

One is never finished learning, as there is always room for improvement.

News Updates

adventure tourism magazine mockup

A magazine developed by adventure lovers

Adventure Tourism Uganda Magazine, developed by fellow adventure lovers, will be officially launched at ITB Berlin. This exciting new publication…


Why this project?

Uganda simply is a beautiful country. From the wild waters of the Nile to the snow peaks of the Rwenzori mountains, from the rainforests of Kibale to the arid plans of Kidepo: Uganda boasts almost all of the landscapes that can be found on the African continent. With more than 40 indigenous languages the cultural diversity is just as large, but in every region of Uganda, the local population will make you feel truly welcome. So it’s fair to say that Winston Churchill was right when he called Uganda ‘the Pearl of Africa’.

While it still has a bit of an off-the-beaten-track feeling, Uganda’s tourism sector is growing rapidly. The country at large benefits from it in terms of jobs, business opportunities and through the conservation of protected areas. But the country can benefit even more from it if the tourism sector is developed in a sensible and sustainable way.

Most tourists currently go Uganda to visit the national parks, especially to see the endangered mountain gorillas and the abundance of savanna animals. And for good reasons: being face-to-face with a silverback or a large elephant is truly wonderful. But Uganda has so much more to offer than wildlife alone.

dutch government

The Dutch government has recognized the Ugandan tourism sector as a significant creator of jobs and business opportunities. In its ambitions to help develop the Ugandan private sector, the Dutch government has joined hands with a number of Dutch and Ugandan frontrunners in adventure and cultural tourism. By embracing adventure and cultural tourism as focus areas the Dutch government aims to help making the Ugandan tourism industry more diverse and more socially and environmentally sustainable.

Corporate Social Responsibility

All partners involved adhere to a strict corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy, which can be found here. As such, the partners proactively aim to set a good example in terms of social, environmental and economic sustainability. The partners hope that such policies become the norm in the Ugandan tourism sector and call upon anyone to report wrongdoings if they have been committed by partners or service providers within this project.


Several reports have been published by the project partners and aim to further develop adventure tourism in Uganda. Download them here.

Running Tourism in Uganda: a Study (2020)
Tourism Development in Uganda: a Roadmap for the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (2019)

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