roadmasters on a village bicycle

Two guys. Two village bicycles. 1500 km of Ugandan (dirt) roads. Can it be done!?

Lex and Lawrence think it’s possible. They are now almost reaching Kisoro by bus, from where they will start the #UltimateCyclingTrailUganda , all the way to Kidepo Valley.

With a camera in their hand, a village bike under their but and sweat on their upper lip, they will face Uganda’s hills, national parks, lakes and unpaved roads. They will go through great lengths to prove to you: Uganda is an amazing country to explore on your bicycle. Also without expensive gear!

Stay tuned if you want to find out…

  • Will they be able to climb all the hills on a village bike?
  • Who will they meet?
  • Can you just cycle in the wild?
  • What about predators? (Will they not be eaten?)
  • Will their brakes not break?
  • Where will they sleep?
  • Will they make it all the way to Kidepo?
  • Would you be able to do this?
  • Fun fact for the bicycle fans among us: they removed the inner tubes of their bikes?

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bicycle route uganda



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